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Too much ear wax can be a problem among people of all ages. Ear wax is extremely important not only for your ear but in general health. It traps debris, bacteria and virus, from getting further into the ear canal and lubricates the ears delicate lining so it doesn’t dry out.


Problems happen when cells lining the ears produce too much ear wax or when you have a normal amount but cause a build up by cleaning ears with cotton buds and inadvertantly pushing the ear wax further into the ear canal. This is when it becomes impacted.


Under normal circumstances ear wax dries out, migrates to the outer part of the ear and falls out, usually when sleeping. But many of us today like to wear things in our ears, especially earbuds, and this can have a negative effect on the amount of wax in the ear.


We can offer professional ear wax removal in the following ways:




This is a procedure that uses a small suction device to gently get wax out of the ear.




This is an effective method of ear wax removal which involves flushing ears with water.



The ear canal may be vulnerable to ear infection particularly after irrigation, this is caused by removal of all of the wax which had inherent properties to protect the ear canal. Until the ear produces more wax to protect the ear canal, keep the ear(s) that have been treated free from water for 4 to 5 days. Keep ears dry when washing hair, showering, bathing or swimming using ear plugs to act as a protective barrier.

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